Why IVF in Greece?

Greece is an excellent location for IVF treatment. Understandably, deciding to undergo IVF treatment in another country is not an easy decision to make. You must look at the treatment options available to you, which best fit your diagnosis, along with time and cost.

When choosing the option of treatment abroad, the most common factors are the availability of the latest assisted reproductive technologies (ART), local legislation related to IVF, how much money will be spent and how much can be saved, waiting list (if any), comfort, and anonymity.

People often prefer to combine IVF treatment with holidays. Greece has much to offer: the quality of its facilities, specialists, and procedures and the elements of the country to explore and enjoy on vacation. Some of the simple reasons Greece has become a favorite holiday destination are the vibrant environment, luscious Mediterranean weather, and enchanting local history.

Why Fertility Care ?

There are plenty reasons for deciding to have an IVF treatment at the Fertility Care Clinic. Foremost, our severe sense of responsibility and high-quality services. We give special attention to the preparation before getting into an IVF treatment and this is the reason we have very high success rates. Our prices are highly competitive, and there is no waiting list for egg donations.

Dr. Panagiotis Kaliantzis has vast experience in IVF & Reproductive medicine (he has performed more than 400 IVF cycles) and has treated patients from Greece and abroad. He believes in individualized treatment and personalized care as the best way to have great results.

He is a  consultant obstetrician-gynecologist IVF and reproductive medicine specialist at the Institute of Life Mitera,  one of the largest  IVF units in Greece and Europe, which is located on the premises of MITERA Hospital.

Treatment in our clinic will prove to be an unforgettable experience since we are located in Athens, Greece. A city that combines the bustle of the European capital with great hotels, exciting nightlife, and proximity to amazing unspoiled beaches.

In addition to that, our second fertility clinic is located in Tripoli at the center of the Peloponnese region and close to Patra, Kalamata, Nafplio, Mykines, Pylos, Monemvasia, Argos, and the ancient theatre of Epidaurus. Couples visiting Peloponnese can have their first consultation and medical evaluation as the most of ultrasounds and blood tests take plac in Tripoli.

What are the IVF law regulations in Greece?

Greek legislation supports and encourages most IVF methods, allowing egg and sperm donation and surrogacy. The Greek law regulating all assisted reproductive techniques (Law 3305/2005) was issued on 27 January 2005. It covers multiple areas with the ultimate purpose to ensure that the techniques and procedures are in the best interests of conceiving a child.

The best part about women undergoing IVF treatment in Greece is that the age limit is 50 years old, and also, men have no age limit.
Also, egg and sperm donations are anonymous. This tmeans there are many people who are willing to donate – the variety of donors is vast. As a result, there is virtually no waiting list for egg or sperm donation treatment.

Hospitality Offers

We can make all the necessary arrangements for your staying in Athens. We have full access to offers from the whole vacation package according to your finance and provide all the required information in case you would like to plan your voyage on your own.

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